Sassafras Root Bark Powder

Sassafras Root Bark Powder

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      Sassafras Root Bark Powder: A Fragrant Herb with Caution (1 oz)

      Sassafras Root Bark Powder offers a unique historical significance and folklore, but due to safety concerns, it's not recommended for internal consumption. However, it can be enjoyed for its fragrance in controlled settings.

      A Fragrant Past:

      Sassafras Root Bark Powder boasts a warm, spicy aroma reminiscent of root beer. It was historically used to flavor food and drinks, most notably sassafras tea, but safety concerns have limited its culinary applications.

      Folklore and Magic:

      • Strength & Prosperity: In some cultures, Sassafras is associated with strength, resilience, and attracting prosperity.
      • Change & Transformation: The root's bark shedding is seen as symbolic of transformation and new beginnings.

      Important Safety Information:

      Sassafras Root Bark Powder contains safrole, a substance considered carcinogenic by the FDA. Do not consume Sassafras Root Bark Powder internally.

      Suggested Use:

      This Sassafras Root Bark Powder comes in a 1-ounce (28g) pouch. Due to safety concerns, it's not recommended for internal consumption. However, you can enjoy its fragrance in controlled settings:

      • Potpourri: A very small amount of Sassafras Root Bark Powder can be added to a potpourri mix for a subtle, spicy aroma. Ensure ventilation to avoid inhaling large amounts of dust.
      • Historical Crafts: Sassafras Root Bark Powder can be used in historical re-enactment projects or educational displays (adult supervision required).

      Enjoy the historical and folkloric significance of Sassafras Root Bark Powder while prioritizing safety and responsible use.


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