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Our tea collection includes over 100 teas, ranging from Black Tea, Green Tea, Rooibos,Chai, Honeybush, Oolong, White, and Herbal varieties. Every sip of tea should be a moment of relaxation and rejuvenation, and we are committed to providing you with the best tea experience possible. We would love for you to discover your new favorite tea among our vast selection. We work with many reputable tea suppliers that provide documentation of origin and inspection during the process. This is to ensure you are receiving the highest quality of tea.


Perfect Gift for that Magickal Person in your life!

Order by the 9th of Every Month to receive that month's box. 


All crystal healing uses, magical uses and metaphysical definitions are provided as a means of education, and do not imply a guarantee of effect. Those suffering from illness should consult with their General Practitioner. Crystal healing is a holistic complementary healthcare practice and should be carried out by a suitably qualified healing professional. Thank you !

About Us

For many years I had a great love of crystals and minerals and rocks of all kinds. I am now taking that love to the next step. Traveling the country in search of all the perfect pieces. We carry handcrafted items from artists all over the world. 


Our candles for our subscription boxes  are meant to be used as part of your magickal experience. Please note the warning label on the bottom of the candles. Do not leave your candles unattended or leave them alone on a wood surface. Thank you !


"I love this box. It's always full of relevant crystals to get your through each month. I have added new crystals to my collection that I didn't have before while learning something new. Thank you for creating something so amazing "

by G. written May 15, 2018


Verified Purchase

by Sohaira written May 13, 2018

Loved all of the crystals and the sage as well they were just what I needed

Verified Purchase

by Akela written May 03, 2018

I love this beautiful box! I can’t wait to see what the monthly astrology says as well as my personalized horoscope! And I love their idea of giving a crystal that matches the months energy!

I’m so excited!

Author's name

! I felt that this box was sooooo in tune with me! All the crystals vibed so well together. Ah. Lovely magic. Thank u


I was just going to email you that I absolutely LOVED the box!!  Great job all around!  You packed that small box to the brim with incredible goodies.

Author's name

I am happy with this box .This box was sooo amazing! I love it Awesome box;) "


I have received my package to day and I absolutely needed this ! I will definitely be up gradeing !!!!!!! Thank you so much truly amazing




More Reviews

This is my favorite box,


"I just got my box today...WOW! I felt like this box was Mary Poppin’s bag....I just kept pulling gem after gem! I loved my 8 gems that I got (in their very own beautiful pouch with a detailed explanation inside) the tarot card was cool, and my horoscope was cool too. The main focus of the box is the crystals and I would say that they totally nailed it! "

Lana E.

"Loved this box. I've gotten it twice and was really pleased with the crystals and detailed information. In my boxes I'm also getting a tarot card and an astrology reading for the month - so much fun! Liked it so much that I've upgraded to the Premium box to try that out. Can't wait for the next box."

Nicolette D.

"This was my first package from Magikal Earth...very impressed! The theme was Chakra. It included a complete 7 stone Chakra set! Was not expecting that for the price! Super happy about it. It also came with a palm stone, information card for every single stone, and information on all the Chakras. Already looking forward to next month!!"

Melissa M.

I got the bath box subscription and I absolutely LOVE it!!


"I received three beautiful crystal in my first month subscription. They were well worth the value that I paid and more. I was able to charge them under the full moon in Salem Massachusetts in October. I am really looking forward to working with them!"

A. Smith 11-6-18

"everything that I got in my box this month has been incredible. The mercury retrograde roll on oil has become my new favorite "perfume" and its ingredients smell so so amazing. The crystals my box came with are HUGE and gorgeous! SO SO absolutely worth the money! :) Will be getting another box! :) "


Author's name

"What can I say? This box was simply AMAZING. I legit almost cried when i unwrapped the citrine cluster. The little box that it came with holds my crystals beautifully and I am just so amazed at everything that was in the box. There is nothing in this box that I didnt love. CANT WAIT for January!!!"


Author's name

"I don't know how Janet does it every month. My cards have always been so accurate and seem to build on each other every month to build on the previous months. Especially this past month. I recently had a reading in New Orleans where one particular card kept coming up and then BOOM that card was in my box this month. The crystals are always of a good size and a great quality. I love this box!"