Rue Organic

Rue Organic

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Rue: Respect the Power, Embrace the Symbolism (1oz - Organic)

Rue Organic (Ruta graveolens), with its distinctive blue-green foliage and pungent aroma, commands respect. Important Safety Note: Rue is not for internal or external use due to its toxicity. However, it holds a deep significance in the realm of magic and folklore.

Magickal Meanings:

Rue's strong scent, historical uses, and connection to protection connect it to two chakras:

  • Intuition & Wisdom (Third Eye Chakra): Rue's association with mental clarity and warding off negativity aligns with the Third Eye Chakra, the seat of intuition and inner vision. Incorporate Rue Organic (symbolically) into incense blends (used in a well-ventilated area) or rituals to enhance intuition, dispel negativity, and promote clarity of thought. (Third Eye Chakra)
  • Stability & Grounding (Root Chakra): Rue's symbolic use in protection and its connection to the earth element link it to the Root Chakra, the foundation of our sense of security and stability. Use Rue Organic (symbolically) in protective charms or rituals to feel grounded and secure. (Root Chakra)

Suggested Uses (Symbolic Only):

This Rue Organic product is sold by the Ounce (28g). Due to its toxicity, it is not intended for internal or external use. Here are some suggestions for using Rue Organic symbolically:

  • Incense Blend (Well-Ventilated Area): Research compatible, non-toxic herbs suitable for incense. In a well-ventilated area, create a symbolic incense blend incorporating Rue (a very small amount) to represent protection, clarity, or intuition. Always prioritize safety and consult a qualified herbalist on safe incense practices.
  • Protective Charm (Symbolically): Create a charm pouch containing a small amount of Rue Organic (along with other protective herbs) to symbolize security and warding off negativity.

Embrace the symbolic power of Rue Organic! While its internal and external use is not safe, explore its rich history and symbolism in your magical practice. Weave Rue Organic (symbolically) into rituals to connect with your intuition, cultivate a sense of security, and promote clarity of thought.


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