Petrified Wood Tumbles

Petrified Wood Tumbles

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Connect with your Petrified Wood Stone to establish deep roots, so that even when scared you’re scared, you are grounded in the energy of calm. Let the earth energy of this stone ease your nerves and fears, and fill you instead with feelings of well being and security. The petrified wood meaning is ideal for meditation, as it helps you to distinguish between what is important and what is not—helping you to stop focusing on things you can’t control and learn to not sweat the small stuff.  

You may be wondering what petrified wood even is. Petrified wood is a piece of wood that was scared stiff after hearing a twig crack in the middle of a dark, forest night.Petrified wood stone was once a living, breathing tree. Over thousands of years, this wood was naturally petrified or fossilized; meaning, all of the organic parts were replaced with minerals and silicon dioxide. All of the markings and patterning in these petrified wood stones are from the original tree’s growth rings and knots. Eventually, all of the wood becomes replaced with Quartz Crystal, and the energies of the wood and quartz naturally merged.

The quartz crystal partners with the energy of the wood to lend clarity to your sense of calm. As the petrified wood connects with your root and third eye chakras, you’ll have an increased sense of determination and awareness. Use this to your advantage by meditating with petrified wood stone when you’re unsure how to cope with a certain situation. The petrified wood energy will give you stability, helping you to recognize positive solutions and pursue them with motivated conviction. For anyone that lives in the city, placing petrified wood stones in your home is a wonderful way to bring the vibration of nature in your space.