Orange Peel Granulated

Orange Peel Granulated

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Orange Peel Granulated: A Zest for Life (1oz)

Orange Peel Granulated, bursting with citrusy sunshine, offers a delightful blend of potential health benefits and magical associations. This vibrant zest adds a touch of sunshine to your well-being practices.

Traditional Uses:

  • Holistic Support: Orange Peel Granulated has been used traditionally to address high blood pressure, cholesterol, allergies, and digestive issues. It may also offer immune system and respiratory support. 

Magickal Meanings:

Orange Peel Granulated's bright color, invigorating aroma, and association with abundance connect it to two Chakras:

  • Creativity & Abundance (Sacral Chakra): The vibrant orange hue of Orange Peel Granulated is linked to creativity, joy, and abundance. Incorporate Orange Peel Granulated into spells or rituals (symbolically) to spark creativity, attract prosperity, and cultivate a sense of abundance in your life. (Sacral Chakra)
  • Confidence & Personal Power (Solar Plexus Chakra): The invigorating aroma of Orange Peel Granulated is associated with confidence and personal power. Use Orange Peel Granulated in spells or rituals (symbolically) to boost your confidence, willpower, and sense of self-belief. (Solar Plexus Chakra)

Suggested Uses:

This Orange Peel Granulated product is sold by the Ounce (28g). Due to its concentrated nature, use it in moderation. Here are some suggestions for using Orange Peel Granulated:

  • Culinary Uses: Add a burst of citrus flavor to baked goods, teas, or marinades. Orange Peel Granulated can also be sprinkled on yogurt or oatmeal for a taste sensation.
  • Potpourri (Symbolic Use): Create a mood-lifting potpourri by combining Orange Peel Granulated with dried flowers and herbs. (Symbolic Use)
  • Meditation (Symbolic Use): Incorporate Orange Peel Granulated into your meditation practice (by placing it near you or smelling it) to promote feelings of joy, creativity, and abundance. (Symbolic Use)

Embrace the zestful potential of Orange Peel Granulated! Explore its potential benefits for various health concerns with a healthcare professional's guidance. Incorporate it into your practices to spark creativity, cultivate abundance, and ignite your inner confidence.


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