Muira Puama- Wildcrafted

Muira Puama- Wildcrafted

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Muira Puama: Embrace Your Inner Fire (1oz)

Muira Puama (Ptychopetalum olacoides), also known as "potency wood," is a captivating herb native to the Amazon rainforest. Traditionally used for various purposes, Muira Puama offers a unique blend of potential medicinal benefits and symbolic associations to ignite your well-being and practices.

Traditional Uses:

  • Overall Wellness: Muira Puama has been used historically as a general tonic to support overall health and well-being. 
  • Other Potential Benefits: Studies are ongoing to explore Muira Puama's potential effects on appetite, stomach upset, menstrual disorders, joint pain, and other conditions. 

Magickal Meanings:

Muira Puama's historical uses, vibrant red color, and connection to the Amazon rainforest connect it to the Heart and Sacral Chakras:

  • Love & Passion (Heart & Sacral Chakra): Muira Puama's symbolic association lies in its name, translating to "potency wood." Incorporate Muira Puama into spells or rituals (symbolically) to attract love, reignite passion in existing relationships, or enhance your own sense of magnetism. (Heart & Sacral Chakra)
  • Healing & Vitality (Heart & Sacral Chakra): The vibrant red color of Muira Puama connects it to the life force and vitality. Use Muira Puama in healing rituals (symbolically) to promote physical or emotional well-being, or to energize yourself or a situation. (Heart & Sacral Chakra)
  • Fertility & Abundance (Sacral Chakra): Muira Puama's connection to the Amazon rainforest, known for its abundance, imbues it with symbolic associations of fertility and prosperity. Use Muira Puama in spells or rituals (symbolically) to promote fertility, or to cultivate a sense of abundance in your life. (Sacral Chakra)

Suggested Uses:

This Muira Puama is Wildcrafted and sold by the ounce (28g). Due to safety concerns, consult a healthcare professional before internal use. Here are some suggestions for using Muira Puama:

  • Smoke Cleansing (Use Caution): Some traditions incorporate Muira Puama (consult a qualified herbalist on safe burning methods) into smoke cleansing rituals for its symbolic associations with purification and energetic renewal. Be mindful of potential allergies or respiratory sensitivities.
  • Magical Infusions: Create a Muira Puama-infused oil (consult a qualified herbalist) for topical use during massage or self-massage practices to connect with your inner fire, ignite your passions, and promote feelings of vitality. (Heart & Sacral Chakra)

Embrace the fiery spirit of Muira Puama! Explore its potential health benefits with a healthcare professional's guidance, and incorporate it into your practices to ignite your passions, cultivate love, and embrace your vibrant life force.


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