Black Walnut Organic

Black Walnut Organic

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Black Walnut Hulls (1 oz): Nature's Guardian & Mystic Ally

Black Walnut Hulls, the hard outer casing of the walnut fruit, boast a long history of medicinal uses and a deep connection to the magical realm. Let's explore their multifaceted properties.

Traditional Uses:

  • Parasite Fighter: Black Walnut Hulls have been traditionally used as a natural remedy against parasitic infections. (Limited scientific evidence)
  • Skin Soother: The antibacterial and astringent properties of Black Walnut Hulls have been used historically in gargles for oral hygiene and topically to treat skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and warts. (Limited scientific evidence)

Magical Associations:

  • Protection & Transformation: The hard, protective shell of the Black Walnut connects it to themes of shielding and transformation. Carrying Black Walnut Hulls or incorporating them into rituals may symbolize creating a protective barrier or undergoing positive change. (Third Eye, Heart, and Sacral Chakras)
  • Healing & Wishes: The historical use of Black Walnut Hulls for medicinal purposes connects them to healing and well-being. Incorporating them into rituals can symbolize promoting physical or emotional healing or
  • manifesting your desires.
  • Blessings & Inspiration: The abundance of nuts from a single Black Walnut tree suggests themes of prosperity and blessings. Black Walnut Hulls may be used in rituals to attract good fortune or to spark inspiration and creativity.

Suggested Use:

This Black Walnut Hulls pouch comes in 1 ounce (28g). Due to potential internal risks, consult a healthcare professional before internal use. Here's a suggestion for external use:

  • Soothing Soak: Steep a handful of Black Walnut Hulls in hot water to create a potentially cleansing bath. (Consult a healthcare professional before external use)

Embrace the potential benefits and rich symbolism of Black Walnut Hulls, incorporating them into your self-care rituals, magical practices, and endeavors for protection, transformation, attracting positive energy, and manifesting your goals!


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