Alfalfa Leaf Organic

Alfalfa Leaf Organic

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Alfalfa Leaf Organic (1 oz): A Versatile Herb with Deep Roots

Alfalfa Leaf, also known as Medicago sativa, is a powerhouse legume boasting both historical medicinal uses and a place in magical practices. Let's explore its potential benefits and symbolic meaning.

Traditional Uses 

  • Urinary Tract Support: Alfalfa Leaf has been used traditionally for kidney, bladder, and prostate health, and to increase urine flow.
  • Other Potential Benefits: Some historical uses include lowering cholesterol, aiding with asthma, and providing relief for osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and upset stomach. (Limited scientific evidence)

Magical Associations:

  • Prosperity & Abundance: Alfalfa's historical use as livestock feed and its deep green color connect it to themes of prosperity and attracting plenty. It may be incorporated into rituals to draw success or positive energy.
  • Protection & Security: The Root Chakra association (explained below) emphasizes feelings of stability and security. Alfalfa Leaf may be used symbolically in rituals for protection or grounding purposes.
  • Anti-Hunger Charm: In some traditions, Alfalfa Leaf is carried as a charm to ward off hunger and poverty.

Root Chakra Connection:

Alfalfa Leaf is linked to the Root Chakra, the energetic center associated with feelings of stability, security, and grounding. Using Alfalfa Leaf in rituals or keeping it nearby may help promote feelings of safety and connection to the earth.

Suggested Use:

This organic Alfalfa Leaf comes in a 1-ounce (28g) pouch. Due to potential internal risks, Alfalfa Leaf is recommended for external use only. Here's a suggestion for external use:

  • Infused Oil: Steep dried Alfalfa Leaf in a carrier oil (like olive oil) for several weeks to create a massage oil.

Embrace the potential benefits and symbolism of Alfalfa Leaf, incorporating it into your self-care rituals, magical practices, and gardening endeavors!


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