Zincite is a potent stone with powerful metaphysical properties. It energizes your entire system and creates significant and powerful stimulation of all chakras.
This wonderful healing crystal is a impressive stone to use, for those who have been working on their higher chakras. Its energy is an impressive aid for manifestation, but it must be used in small doses.
It is also a crystal known to stimulate and enhance your creativity, and is especially useful if you have neglected to do much work within the lower chakras.
If you have been mainly working with developing your spiritual or psychic gifts, it is easy to ignore the lower chakras.
Zincite has an unusual and very potent energy. As soon as you hold the stone in your hand, most of you will feel its energy, and make contact with it very quickly.
Zincite, natural - not laboratory grown, comes from Poland, where it forms in the smokestacks in the factories. It varies in color: Clear, Green , Yellow, Red....etc. Due to pollution impact on the environment, Polish authorities have ordered all smokestacks to be cleaned out and processes to be improved. Our source in Poland tells us that all Zincite has been harvested from the smokestacks, and no one knows when or if it will form again.