Red Aventurine

Red aventurine crystal can be red, orangery red, or reddish orange. Its coloring is provided by hematite and/or goethite; this stone may be of benefit to those needing to boost physical energy levels. When you have a project that requires your imaginative input, red aventurine can help there too; first by getting those creative juices flowing, and also by supporting your mental processes and your strength and vigor. Red aventurine inspires us to look at the bright side of things, and increases the production of chi energy. As well it brings about an understanding that we can get things done, and it inspires dedication to task.

For Guidance

For those who seek to follow the life-path best suited to them (don't we all?) red aventurine will help you to accurately determine which choices are best suited to your core being and which ones will hinder. At times the blockages we face in life are presented to us by our lack of self-forgiveness. This stone will help us to forgive ourselves and release the guilt we hold on to. For those who tend to shy away from new experiences due to feeling that they lack in strengths and virtues, red aventurine will heighten their self-confidence, enabling them to feel secure in their ability to achieve.

The Ego

Sometimes our strength of ego gets in the way of rational judgement and becomes a stumbling block. Red aventurine guides us to keep it in check, and to clearly see what's in front of us with the ego element removed.