Rainbow Obsidian

Rainbow Obsidian


Rainbow Obsidian creates a bridge of light into dark and painful places in the body, mind and emotions allowing for healing and clearing of emotional patterns and trauma. It helps dissolve outmoded karma and removes blockages in the aura, cleansing and aligning all the chakras. It can help to alleviate depression and mood swings.

Rainbow Obsidian History and Uses:

Obsidian derives it name from an ancient Roman explorer called Obsius who was given a mystical black glass sphere from a volcano by an Ethiopian woman called Xenia.  It has been used since ancient times in many magical practices for divination or scrying. In Paleolithic times it was used for making tools and weapons because it holds a sharp edge.

Rainbow Obsidian Geological Description:

Rainbow Obsidian is a glassy silica rich volcanic rock with a hardness of 5 to 5.5. It is made from molten lava which has cooled at different rates or times which create bands of red, green, blue or gold shades. Obsidian is found in South America, Japan, Mexico, Afghanistan, and parts of the United States.

Affirmation: I willingly choose to take the journey through the darkness of my unconscious, recovering the lost parts of myself, moving to rebirth in the light.

Rainbow obsidian is said to be best for addressing matters of the heart. As Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro write in Crystal Muse, this variety of stone can have an intensely healing, rejuvenating influence on anyone coping with a breakup, death of a loved one, or an immense loss of any kind. In the same way that regular obsidian can relieve general feelings of stress, rainbow obsidian can help move along the natural grieving process.

Given its capacity for deeply personal healing, rainbow obsidian is one of those stones that works best when there's a skin or touch connection between it and the user. In other words, holding your rainbow obsidian and keeping it close to (if not up against) your body will amplify its effects. Again, you can hold it while you meditate, keep it in the tub while you take a bath, or tuck it under your pillow (this is especially helpful if your heartbreak is infiltrating your dreams).

Even if you're not mourning the loss of a great love, it's still a good idea to add rainbow obsidian to your crystal collection. In Crystal Muse, Askinosie credits the stone for helping her quiet her thoughts before bed, and return to a regular, restful sleep routine in the process. And crystal aficionado Spencer Pratt (yes, that Spencer Pratt) has sung the praises of a similarly dark, yet protective, stone: black tourmaline. Seriously, darker variety of crystals were made to handle dramas of all forms — even those of reality TV proportions.