Phosphosiderite, although a mouthful to say, is basically a combination of phosphorous and iron. It is found in lovely shades of pink, purple, lilac and even green, red or colorless.

A stone of healing, Phosphosiderite works wonders with the Heart and Third Eye chakras to balance these energy centers and allow one to gain a better understanding of one’s spiritual path. It can help one to communicate with spirit guides and angels, and is a wonderful crystal to use in meditation.

Use Phosphosiderite when you need to gain a better understanding of your past lives and, in turn, better understand your life in the now. It can be an excellent stress-reliever when worn or carried.

Physically, Phosphosiderite can help with insomnia, if placed under your pillow; alleviate upper respiratory ailments such as colds/flu and other lung infections; help with abdominal issues, heart ailments, and the thyroid.

The possessor of the vibrant energies, Phosphosiderite is termed to be a jewel boulder of spiritual growth. The heart rooted energies of this jewel boulder tend to draw its carrier towards the divine self. Further, it is contemplated to be a nugget that serves its carrier to understand the power and the motto of the cleric for creating this vast universe, the world. It holds the soothing vibes that make its carrier adorable as well as calm, as it is conceived to root easily out the stress from the overall torso of its carrier. It acclaims as a meditative nugget and is examined to safeguard the riches of the meditative state. Further, recognized to reverberate within the chakras of the overall torso, it is ought to aid the potential of spirituality in its carrier. The strong union of phosphorous and iron with the nugget adds meaning to the name of this jewel boulder. In Phosphosiderite, the last part siderite means pink rock, according to Greek terminology. It is broadly conceptualized to be drawn away from the parts or sections of Chile, Argentina along with Germany and Portugal. Further, it is assessed to be obtained from the provinces of the USA as well as from some European countries. Appraised to be appeared in the tints of orchid, it is too comes in the shades of pretty pink to the tones of lilac. Further, the shades in which is contemplated to appear varies from deep purple to rosy ruby, then to lavender tone, chocolate to reddish brown moreover sometimes in the tints of green. Phosphosiderite is too speculated to be a hydrated aluminum phosphate mineral variety, i.e. of Variscite, as it shows the yellow veins on its surface. The fine lines of yellow tints may vary to show darker and heavier lines with some patches too. The calming and resounding vitality of this jewel Boulder are evaluated to elicit the Heart Chakra of the torso of its carrier. Further, these heart energies set off the torso’s higher heart to release the stress from the emotional torso along with the overall torso. Phosphosiderite is a valued jewel nugget that is referred to promote the synchronicity in deeds. Phosphosiderite is a jewel boulder of desire that coincide the mending attributes of both the minerals, so as to help its carrier to sense the connection of his vitalities, energies with the energies of the cosmos. This rock’s make up constitute various mending attributes that serve its carrier to reach a desired meditative state effortlessly. When resonating within the heart chakra, it is given to attain connection with the third eye of its carrier that often guides to a connection of the brow chakra. Further, the sturdy vibes of this jewel rock help its carrier to hold as well as apply his energies to the further association with the nature, earth. It too holds the propensity to work on the spiritual being of its carrier by turning on the Solar Plexus Chakra so as to link him to the higher realm. It is likewise trusted to unlock the intuitive ability of its carrier for knowing the future possibilities as well as the actions demanded. Further, it is appraised to expand the conscious level of its carrier for curing the overall torso effectively along with the stimulation of clairaudient communication with the spiritual powers. It is too conceived to balance as well as gel the torso of its carrier with the auric field of the surroundings.