Mangano Calcite

Mangano calcite (pink calcite) is a heart crystal. It is associated with angels.

This is a soft stone of forgiveness that brings unconditional love. It is used to:

Release fear and grief from the past that is trapping you

Assist in developing self-worth and self-acceptance

Heal nervous conditions

Lift tension and anxiety

Prevent nightmares


The loving energy of Mangano calcite

Mangano Calcite is a deeply loving, nurturing stone that helps us be gentle with ourselves. It encourages us to accept love and have self-love, and act lovingly towards others. It is a powerful stress reliever that soothes anxiety and tension; it also removes fears and reduces nightmares.

It is an excellent tool to use with energy healing such as Reiki because of its ability to amplify energy.

Mangano Calcite is a calming stone that eases and heals the heart chakra. It fills the heart with self-love, and encourages love for all others. It offers hope. Mangano Calcite heals inner hurts and past abuse by filling one with a sense of warm, secure love.