Green opal is formed by a sedimentary process from silicic acid gel, containing iron and nickel that has solidified by losing water. The inclusions of the iron an nickel give this stone its beautiful bright green colour. Green opal is mined in Mexico.

Green opal is a strong detoxifying stone. It stimulates the body fluids, the liver and kidneys and the functioning of the gonads and ovaries. This stone encourages recovery, relaxation and regeneration following exhaustion brought on by strenuous mental activity. It will liberate you from fear, and feelings of guilt and helps you to sleep peacefully. Green opal helps with orientation problems. It encourages the ability to select and to filter out intuitively the most important facts from a confusing profusion of information. This stone helps you to find new perspectives on life. It makes it possible to see a meaning in everyday life or to give life a meaning.