Garnierite (Serpentine with Nickel and other minerals)

Physical, Emotional, Mental Integration: We organize your brain so that you can make everything more efficient. Lose that brain fog and enter the Aquarian Age where we all choose to enlighten ourselves and free our hearts, just as we precisely choose. Now.

Electrical Body Alignment: Accept peace. If you cannot find it, hold us and choose your attention precisely and generously.

Garnierite has long been known about by mine-owners but is a relative new comer to the metaphysical marketplace.


These super mint green tumbled stones of Garnierite are from Canada (although it can be found in many countries worldwide) and are green because of a high Nickel content. Garnierite forms when rocks such as Serpentine or Peridot weather and degrade and then remineralise along with Nickel.


Often you see these as grey stones with one or two thin lines of green across them. But Mo and I hand picked these from a batch we were offered and knowing they were supposed to be green, we hand selected the best ones we could find !


Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning



Garnierite prompts us to think more about what we eat. Specifically, it helps us to eat more natural food and food that is better for us.



Garnierite is a stone for prosperity, attraction and accumulation. If you wish to manifest something in your life then working with Garnierite can help you to see what must be done to achieve this. It is also a stone that promotes friendship and love and helps us to not only see these qualities in others, but to be a better friend ourselves. Garnierite also helps us to achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves. Sometimes, they may be hard to achieve and this is when we need Garnierite as it gives us that "push" towards success. Garnierite is also said to bring us luck in games of chance and to increase our chances of winning – something I make no claims for and would suggest you don't try !!

Garnierite is a great meditation aid when working on the heart chakra and issues of self love. It helps us to find the divine within ourselves and to encompass love for others, love for ourselves, love for our surroundings and indeed love for the planet.