Galena is a shiny gray stone with a cubic structure. Like its almost identical twin sister, pyrite, its physical appearance looks like little cubes stacked upon cubes, stacked upon cubes until a larger cube evolves. It is interesting to explore a sample with a magnifying glass. There is no end to the number of images that can be found. Galena is very soft. It is possible to scratch or damage most galena samples with a hard fingernail. Galena is the principal ore of lead. In its natural state it should not be handled extensively with bare hands, as lead poisoning could result. Therefore, it is not a stone like quartz that you can hold for hours with only positive results. It should be touched and held for only a short period of time followed by washing your hands in soapy water. As long as it is within your aura, it will be effective. DO NOT use galena to make an elixir.

Galena is a friend to those in turmoil. When your nervous energy is at a high level for any reason, it is the first stone to bring you to a place of rest. When a high state of stress is being experienced, you could use fluorite to smooth out the stress. But you will still have the same high level of energy. Obsidian calms the stress like fluorite and also lowers the energy level. Galena not only soothes the stress, it absorbs this high level of negative energy almost completely. This paves the way for centering of all of your systems, physical, emotional and spiritual. It helps to stabilize the mind and aids in refocusing your thoughts. It also calms and balances the nervous system. Galena teaches us acceptance of our limitations, and at the same time assists in the decrease of self-limiting ideas. Galena also stimulates the hair roots to promote thicker hair and helps to prevent hair loss. Galena should be cleansed frequently by exposure to sunlight.


As we move toward the great transition, our vibrations, physical, mental and emotional, are being raised. Galena can be used to cope with this. It can bring us grounded calmness while at the peak of negative emotions, and can bring us away from panic attacks. Remember to keep your physical contact with Galena to a minimum. It is very effective while it is in your aura. It can be kept in a leather pouch and worn around the neck.