Fuchsite is a very electric mineral. It is a green form of Muscovite, so the metaphysical properties of Muscovite also apply to the energies of fuchsite.

Fuchsite has the ability to help one understand and examine the issues related to the basic problems within our human society. Being that it is connected with the zodiac sign of Aquarius and the planet Mercury, the energy of fuchsite, is very intellectual. It helps one to see the problems AND solutions that are related to interactions with others, wellness, productivity, shared thoughts, vocational interests and the material world.

Fuchsite is also a great stone for people that feel they are servants towards others. It helps us understand the difference between being of service and being a savior, rescuer or martyr.  Fuchsite will help one to figure out how to be in service towards others but not be a slave to that person, idea or situation. Sometimes people that work in the field of energy medicine, healing, or even just everyday situations we feel enslaved to continue to assisting a project or person and wind up with that being all we can think of. Therefore, we neglect to care for ourselves because we are so en-wrapped in the thing we are enslaved to! Fuchsite will help us see the problem and come up with a solution to that problem that so many of us healers (and mothers) face!

Sometimes we are faced with a situation where someone in the family (or maybe this someone is you too) where the person falls ill and totally dependent on the family to help them with everyday tasks. It’s a vicious cycle that many of us fall into, whether we are the ill one, or we are the care taker of the ill one. When this happens, we sometimes have a difficult time getting out of a situation like that because we become co-dependent on one another. Fuchsite will help both the ill person, and the care giver recognize this behavior and correct it. It restores balance to the family dynamic and gives the ill person the strength to heal.

Being that this mineral is connected with the zodiac sign of Aquarius, it helps one gain their independence from others. Sometimes taking that first leap out of the nest is difficult, but fuchsite will help one that is ready to take that first step. It has a very powerful resonance with independence and helping one to be strong within their own independent nature.

In healing fuchsite acts as an energy amplifier, it helps to release blockages that are caused by an excess of energy. Fuchsite works by balancing the excess energies in a positive light and restores equilibrium in relationships and healing.

Chakra: All , Planet: Mercury

Element: Wind

Fuchsite is associated with the astrological signs of Aquarius.

Magickal Properties: Speeding the Healing Process, Identifying Illness, Feelings of False Humility, Spinal Alignment, Blood Sugar, Dehydration, Emotional Duress, Tendonitis, and Self-Worth.