Calligraphy Stone

Calligraphy Stone is the name given to a rare form of botryoidal Fluorite, a calcium fluoride mineral, from China. It is also called Shu Fa Stone, Shufa being Chinese calligraphy. The opaque Fluorite is pale purple/lilac/mauve in colour and is formed around a light beige/tan matrix.

For information there is another similarily named stone, Calligraphy Script Stone or Miriam Jasper from India which is a patterned brown/tan/yellow stone which contains Hematite and fossilized shells.

The frequency of Calligraphy Stone connects to the third eye and crown chakras, stimulating these chakras so that one’s consciousness is open to higher impressions and to view life from a higher perspective. It helps one to access higher knowledge so that one is able to understand one’s life’s path with clarity and to be able to focus on that which is in one’s highest good. It allows one to be open to one’s soul’s impulses so that one lives one’s life guided by one’s soul.

Calligraphy stone has the powerful energy of Fluorite but with a more gentle, softer feel bringing the energetic support one requires for one’s spiritual growth. The energy of this unusual stone helps to purify and cleanse one’s energy fields of negativity.

Aka- Cobra Stone, Miriam Stone, Elephant Skin Jaspar

This stone is comprised of hematite iron and fossilized shells and I love that about it. Most information out there suggests that it has associations with writers and writing and is reported to help one to gain insight into past lives via access to the Akashic records. It is commonly associated with the 3rd eye chakra and is used in meditation to great benefit. It is also commonly noted that it is useful as a tool to enhance or learn the skill of automatic writing.

While most sources agree that it is connected to writers and writing I extend that out to include things written. It has been my experience that it brings understanding in complex issues or concepts one reads about helping them to get the full meaning of what is being read. It also helps to bring clarity to thought if one is writing, in this way it is useful to thwart writer’s block.

In most cases access to the Akashic records is specific to past life regression, learning from past mistakes and even sometimes gaining insight from past life decisions. It’s all about healing and not carrying baggage from one life to the next. Where Calligraphy Script Stones have proven different in my own experience is that they allow access to the “full library” for lack of a better way to put it. It also doesn’t limit past life information to bad choices and past mistakes but to everything, all of it. Did you paint in a past life? You just might be able to learn that skill in the way a practitioner of quantum jumping is said to by accessing different versions of themselves across dimension rather than time and learning it from them.

I have found it to be useful in all aspects of writing from inspiration to innovation and it is helpful as a calming stone. I have brought mine to the beach with me to dip it in the ocean, it seems to like that, and I have found that overall the stone has an incredibly calming effect, like one might expect opium to induce, just on a higher, fully-functional plane.