BumbleBee Jasper

Bumblebee jasper is specifically excellent for helping you manifest creativity, sparking your mind to keep buzzing with ideas, while maintaining confidence and willpower to achieve your goals. Sometimes we need to be reminded that success comes from perseverance, and perseverance can only be achieved when one trusts and loves their own self. We all harness the power to manifest anything that we desire in our lives, but unlocking that magic takes determination and self confidence to persist even when we believe we can no longer even get up in the morning. These are solar plexus awakening stones, stones that make it possible to renew your vigor for life, your drive for experiencing new things, and a renewed sense of adventure in your life! That is what life is, after all, a series of experiences that we get to have within ourselves and with others. This is the ultimate “YOLO” stone. If you have been feeling stuck, tired, unable to focus on the big picture, unable to see the happiness in your daily life, let bumblebee jasper into your life. Let it work it’s magic on you. This is a great stone to carry in your pocket, or place on an altar in your home.



The patterning often imitates the coloring found on bumblebees, and is a combination of volcanic lava, anhydrite, hematite, sulfur, arsenic and other trace minerals. One of the most rare jasper stones, many do not consider it actually jasper, but in a league of its own. It has also been referred to as the “Eclipse stone” or “Fumarolic Jasper”. Each stone houses varying amounts of sulfur, manganese oxides, the arsenic-sulfide minerals realgar and orpiment, and the calcium-carbonate minerals of calcite and aragonite. Bumblebee jasper was first introduced to us in the late 1990’s, and has only been found on an Indonesian Island called Java. The yellow/orange coloring in bumblebee jasper comes from the presence of sulfur and arsenic, so please keep this stone away from your mouth, and wash hands after handling it. Please do not give this stone to children, as they are more likely to place it in their mouth or put their hands into their mouths after handling.



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